Hello, I am Xiang from Mainland China, I didn’t know whether i could trust you or not but right now i am happy i ordered from you. Thank you so much for delivering in time. We will definitely order from you again

Delong Xiang

I have been cheated twice, i was so scared to try again. Thank you for building back my trust, we will order a minimum of 50L monthly and i will recommend you to several companies. Thank you Refined Industrial Chemicals

Ferruccio Lorenzo

Hi, I am  Nurislam from Kazakhstan. I encourage you all to buy from this company, Their Caluanie is reusable and is of the best quality. i was afraid they will have problems with custom but they shipped to us within 5 days. Thank you Sir

Nurislam Ayan

They shipped to me in Florida withing two days, these guys are fast and reliable. definitely a 5 stars rating from me guys. They are reliable


I bought for a client in  China, initially I thought they wont be able to meet up with the delivery time, but they proof me wrong. I am now a middle man trying to get clients and buy from them so as to make some few dollars out of it. Thank You

Xiang Yan

I really don’t trust online stores but i had no choice but to give it a trial, i asked for a video with my personal code and they sent it. Thank you Refined Industrial Chemicals

Alexandra Cobbie

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